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To best support my internship requirements, my lead supervisor allowed me to create my own course or repository based on a  needs analysis conducted with my current employer, Wicklow Elementary Magnet School for Global Pathways.  

Educators within SCPS can access this website for clarity and direction on curriculum and procedures pertaining to the Response to Intervention (RTI) or Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) processes. 


Wicklow Response to Intervention (RTI) Hub

Video Overview 

The theme of Wicklow Elementary School as of 2022-2023 was racing and related to "High Velocity Learning", with the school logo "We've Got a Need for Speed!". The  theme, implies that faculty and students can work quickly and diligently while having fun, to increase proficiency, overall school grade, and morale. 

Using the link provided, anyone within SCPS can access any hyperlink to county purchased and licensed resources. For those outside of SCPS, restricted content may be present due to curriculum copyright parameters. 

The site includes nearly 30 pages of laymen's information between ELA and Math RTI resources for K-5 Tier 1-3 instruction. 


The process I followed was the ADDIE Instructional Design Model. Though my project was a repository rather than a course, the model was perfect. A summary of the process is detailed below: